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It's clear that Anna's heart and soul goes into organising and delivering a fun and varied day with high quality coaches, the kids loved it

Camp parent of 2 juniors

My kids absolutely loved attending camp, they enjoyed the huge variety of sports and activities and came home asking to go again

Parent of 2 juniors

SMASHIT camp was much more fun than other camps I have been to, Anna is cooler and more fun

Camp junior

Both my boys had a great time yesterday, I asked them to list their top 3 events and they each said badminton, tennis and table tennis with football a close fourth

Parent of 2 juinors

SMASHIT was the best camp ever!

Camp junior

We originally only singed up for one day but my kids loved it so much they went of an addition 4 days

Parent of 2 juniors

I love how many different sports  we did, it was super fun

Camp junior

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