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Q. When did you start playing badminton?

A. I started at the age of 10

Q. How did you get into badminton?

A. I have always been really sporty, loved all the school sports but decided to try badminton. I went along to U11 county trials where a coach picked me up from there

Q. Are you left or right handed?

A. Very strongly left handed

Q. When did you start SMASHIT?

A. I started SMASHIT in September 2018

Q. Best career win?

A. I would probably say when I bought back 2 golds and 1 silver in Vancouver in the International Junior Cup

Q. Best country I played in?

A. Tough question because all the badminton courts look similar

Q. Favourite memory of badminton?

A. Probably my win in Poland when I won gold in the singles and gold in the doubles. I remember playing the singles final and everyone was sitting watching me play, it was nerve racking but exciting at teh same time. I went into the doubles without a partner I knew, they drew me with another Anna who was also left handed

Q. How do you think of your lesson plans?

A. Good question, I think a lot of it comes from the back of my brain from my playing career, so what coaches did with me in my lessons. Also I watch a lot of videos on the internet to give me inspiration, so I see something I like and them tweek it to make it my own

Q. Can the electric shuttle feeder you use shoot shuttles out randomly?

A. Yes it has a random mode and it can be brutal! A couple of my assistant coaches has had a go and they say its tough

Q. How did you think of the logo, it's genius?

A. So I went to art school and I love being creative, I spent a while coming up with a name, I wanted it to relate to badminton so that when people hear the word they associate it to sport. I decided to put the 'IT' in clue to split the word up although I say it as one word. I really wanted a shuttle to be incorporated in the logo so people instantly know what my business is

Q. How do you get young children to hit the shuttle?

A. I start them on mini rackets and then slowly increase the racket size until they can use a full size. My youngest members are 6 years old and in my opinion a full size racket is too big. You don't want them loosing hurt before they even start

Q. Favourite badminton player?

A. I don't really have one although if I had to choose it would probably be Lin Dan, I have watched some of his rallies and his trick shots are awesome

Q. Which do you prefer; feathers or plastics?

A. I prefer playing with feather shuttles because you can get more control with them especially at the net however when they break they wobble and then are useless

Q. Worst thing badminton related that has happened to you?

A. Probably lunging loads then thinking 'ow my big toe hurts' taking my shoe off to find my toenail has come off

Q. Favourite snack to eat?

A. Hard question, for those who know me you know LOVE food, I love popcorn but I also love chocolate fredos...

Q. Any advice for beginners?

A. Make sure you are patient with yourself, it takes time to learn anything new. Don't take your eyes off the shuttle when playing and make sure you get the basic footwork and technique. Make sure you hit straight through the shuttle and not across, I see so many players going across the shuttle

Q. Give me an example of what you do in a SMASHIT cludnight session?

A. Every session has a similar structure, so we start with a warm up drill then I split everyone into groups. Each coach has their own court, the players move around so that they play on every court. Each court has a different drill. Then we play king and queen of the court which is singles or doubles practice. One rally and the winner becomes the king or queen for the other players to challenge. Then we play another game to finish!

Q. Please can you set up a SMASHIT in Essesx?

A. I am looking at setting up more SMASHITS which are in other counties, the main obstacle is trying to find coaches in these areas who want work with me and have the same vision for SMASHIT. So yes it may be that I set one up in Essex if I can find the right coaches!

Q. Can you do a LIVE workout on your Instagram every week?

A. If you would like I can do a live video once a week yes!

Q. What things do you have planned for SMASHIT?

A. I don't want to give all my ideas away, some of them are top secret! I have a lot of exciting things planned, we have a brand new agility club starting, a brand new matchplay club just for match practice, I have sweet spot training rackets for people to use and I have a GLOW IN THE DARK tournament which I will be doing soon!

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